Interactive Floor Plans

¿What is an interactive floor plan?

An interactive floor plan is a digital floor plan of a property where the user can explore each room by clicking with the mouse over an icon and see a photograph of the room or a full screen virtual tour.  Interactive floor plans are becoming popular in the US and europe because they provide the prospective client  with a  better understanding of the distribution of space of the property.

¿How does it benefit your business?

A website is not enough to raise your business above the competition. PropImage is the first studio to offer inteactive floor plans with full screen Virtual Tours.  Soon, internet users will start demanding this kind of service from all realtors. You can be among the first real estate agencies to offer this valuable tool to your clients, allowing them to have a better look before deciding if they want to visit the property. 

Home sellers, prospective buyers and real estate agents will appreciate saving time and money .

Ask one of our representatives how you can add this service to your business.

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