Layout Design

During this stage we will design the layout of your website according to the needs and goals of your business and the characteristics of your target audience.  There are different types of websites but for our purpose we are going to divide them into three categories:


The goal of this type of website is to communicate information through words and images. This type allows users to navigate the site through links to other pages, know the product and contact you, but it does not allow the user to go beyond this level.

Access Web

This site have the same characteristics as the previous one and it also allows the administrator to create different access levels for registered and unregistered users.

This category combines the other two and it also allows users to interact with the administrator modifying the content. This site is an example of this category. In addition to the public area you are in right now, there is also a back end area where clients can see their work, our photographers can upload photographs and so forth. The administrator has access to all these areas. Dynamic content means that the information as well as some aspects of the basic structure of this site can be modify without having to resort to comlpex programming.

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